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The name ARINGA was created by merging my two daughters names together, Ariel and Inga.  I later found out through a friend from Nigeria, that ARINGA is an ethnic group in the northwestern corner of Uganda in Africa! This was my confirmation that I was on the right path creating the ARINGA characters!


The Artist

Greetings, my name is Deidre Dorsett the creator of ARINGA CREATIONS!

I am a mom, a grandmother and I am a free spirit!  I believe in constant affirmation to yourself, to help your spirit grow and to constantly line up with the flow of the universe! My first passion as far back as  I can remember was drawing. I would sit for hours and I am not kidding, hours!! and draw, I would sketch from my minds eye, because I have a very large imagination. Art  brings me peace!


I will in the very near feature branch off into several different product lines with the Aringa Characters!  Stay tuned on that new endeavor!


Mission. Vision. Inspiration.


My mission is to bring you, unique coffee mugs that were created with you in mind! These mugs were designed with the thought of happiness, inspiration,and just plain ole fun! Why coffee mugs?  I have done a lot of soul searching and daydreaming and just chilling out with my coffee mug, and I thought…. HEY! to have a image on the mug with a series of thoughts and inspirations, and laughs would be pretty  cool, rather than just staring at a lifeless cup!


I believe in divine interventions and that everything if you pay attention has a reason and a purpose.


 If I plant a seed of happiness and a thought of inspiration to your day, my purpose is accomplished!


Come in and take a look around at all of the unique mugs created for YOU!


Peace and Love
Deidre Dorsett

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